About the Author of Interpersonal Insights

My name is Elizabeth Perry. I love learning how to be a healthy, conscious, responsible, purposeful human. I especially love sharing what I learn with others to help make their journey a little easier.

My journey hasn’t always been easy, but that’s where I believe the purposeful comes into focus. What I know, I have learned through experience, recovery and healing. Without my challenges and my efforts to overcome them, I wouldn’t be able to speak with authority about what I know.

I am a survivor of interpersonal trauma. I have learned a few strategies to survive and thrive, and I am always on the lookout for more.

I incorporate leading edge research into my continuing personal growth and pay that forward to my network and clients so we can all develop best practices as quickly as possible.

My passions are trauma awareness, recovery, and prevention, protecting the natural world and planet, and social justice.

Thanks for your interest.

Contact me if you are looking for an authentic voice presenter or peer counselor.







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