What’s it all about?

I don’t know about you, but the following questions dominate my thinking.

What’s it all about? Why? What’s the meaning of this situation? What’s actually happening here? Why did he/she/they do that? What’s the best response from me?

My goal in all my interactions is to be honest and helpful. Honest – from the deepest possible informed position; I say what I know when I know it and if there’s something I don’t know about the situation I appreciate being respectfully educated. Helpful – I believe we have enough problems already in the world that I want to ease people’s challenges, not add to them, so my intention is to be helpful – not just for the people I’m interacting with but for all of us impacted by my contributions. That doesn’t mean I make people comfortable. Oftentimes it takes discomfort to establish ultimate security. Helping people figure out who they are authentically and how they fit essentially in our cosmic ecology is my passion.

What are my strengths?

I’m actually really good at simplifying complex concepts into core elements and processes. I’m an experiential learner so in retrospect I have been able to identify where I have consistently demonstrated this strength in business, education and social justice contexts. Many of us tend to think life is very complicated but I see it as otherwise. I think we intentionally obfuscate the simplicity of life so we can confuse each other and therefore create advantages for ourselves over others. I prefer to accept people as they present themselves to me, but I’ve learned that most people are not authentic. So I help others disentangle themselves from the complicated identities they’ve developed to survive and help them build their abilities to self-determine, self-assert, and self-actualize – in concert with others rather than in competition against them.

I’m also a very good teacher. I’ve repeatedly proven throughout my life that I have immeasurable patience, resourcefulness and innovation which I use consistently and persistently to find a way to support and lead others to learning.

I have an insatiable interest in learning for myself. As a divergent learner I have explored knowledge in innumerable fields. When I make connections about some new realization these are informed across multiple contexts. I appreciate being able to understand everything as much as possible (of course that’s a pipe dream but I keep working on achieving that goal) and consistently I have found the underlying drivers to be simple, integrated within the whole, amazingly intelligent, and progressively creative. I’m open to learning something that doesn’t fall within this criteria, but I’ve yet to come across anything at it’s core level.

I love nature and all her inhabitants and am passionate about supporting all of us living harmoniously on this orb spinning in space. I believe there is a natural purpose and value to humanity but I believe we as a collective are off course from that natural design. I believe as we see ourselves as separate from our environment we make decisions that are bound to cause trouble for ourselves ultimately. We are part of nature but nature is bigger than us. My focus is always to discern how I can be that which I exist to be and how to help others find their optimal place also.

In this blog I will be introducing unconventional perspectives on common themes in our society in order to inspire and stimulate interest in perceiving ourselves, others, and behaviours through a different lens to contribute to discovering our individual and collective harmony for the benefit of all of us.

From the Desiderata: I believe that each of us is a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. That we each have a right to be here and to sing our song. But I don’t believe we have any more right than anyone else or the trees and the animals. I believe we’re all here together for a holistic and beneficial purpose and I dedicate my life and work to discovering how we can live harmoniously together.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I look forward to learning and creating together.

Elizabeth Perry, ECE, BA, MEd


Author: Elizabeth Perry

I am a 1st voice trauma educator, counselor, coach, peer supporter, consultant. I am passionate about addressing childhood trauma (ACEs) in adults, and helping those adults establish distinct autonomous free and empowered selves. Understanding the effects of our interpersonal relationships is key. I believe when we truly know ourselves and can understand others we can make healthy, informed decisions about our relationships which can benefit all involved, including nature. I constantly seek deeper self understanding and support others in doing the same through group training and one on one sessions. I'm most active on Twitter @eperryinsights My favourite hashtags are #HealthyRelationships #TraumaInformedByTraumaSurvivors #TraumaInformedCanada #ACEsAwareCanada #ACEsAllies #AdultsWithACEsRecovery

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